An Unexpected Day

Good Morning Folks,

I dunno why am writing this but suddenly an idea winked in my mind and made me to write this.

Now without taking the intro part too long, let me start with my topic which is Information Technology. Nowadays everything is just a click away from us but is it really good for the society and also the growing ones?

I am not completely saying that it has given negative effects only. It have some benefits too and many people from this internet only are getting a lot of wealth and stardom.


Like always few days back i was surfing internet over my phone and suddenly received a fraudulent text, he was selling some kind of machines to me.

The rate which he fixed for the machines was about 3200$ and as per the agreement he only asked for the shipping charges. Actually in start i was thinking that its a good deal but wasn’t knowing that soon the deal was going to give me the biggest loss of my life.

So paid the shipping charges to the guy who was selling machines to me and as per the agreement he sent me the courier same day as per he agreed.

After reading the next few lines many of you will laugh harder at me. The box he sent to me was completely empty and it made me excited so didn’t bother to check the weight of the box.

The delivery date was near and i have asked for the waybill number and than the game begins.

When i have asked for the waybill numbers, he demanded money by giving me some kind of excuse so i have paid him(can’t mention the amount).

After getting the waybill number i have checked the details of parcel and got completely frozen after reading the weight of box.

Immediately i have informed him about this and as it was a well planned trap so again he came up with an excuse that he sent the wrong parcel to me.

After few hours of silence he came up with a solution that he’ll be using another courier company to sent me the machines and for that again he need some amount of money and until now he almost have received half of the amount.

As my half amount got stuck, so i have decided to start play again with him and again paid him. The very same day in the evening he came up again saying that he has sent the parcels but the waybill number is with his friend and as he is also a part of deal.

After hearing this i was like “f**k how come u can add a third person in the middle of the deal” . His reply made me shocked that he was a part of deal from start and the guy is real owner of the machines.

As only few dollars were left so i have given him the rest of amount too.

Until now everything was working on, but the very next day the owner denied to send me any details and told me that its just a scam.

I don’t think i have to describe how i might be feeling after hearing this.

This all game goes on for 1 month and in the end he clarified everything, and that’s what made me think about the negative effects too.

You can call internet as two faced, one is good and another is dark.  Still we had conversation with that guy but completely helpless.

The complete motto of writing this is to just ask a question that why on Internet we don’t have such kind of policies which can help us from getting scammed.

We are getting new application, websites everything nowadays but in these so many years i have’t seen an individual working on it. Online scamming is something which has to be stopped because their are lots of people who are using Internet for professional use too and if the scamming goes on no one is safe.

I don’t want anyone else to get scammed as i got so be careful.

Thank You. . . 🙂


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