Am back with my new blog, today’s topic is bit different something which was so popular among every individual or say people were crazy for them. At first i wasn’t also knowing that much about it but later on learned a lot of things related to Crypto Currency from my research before writing this blog.

Okie! Before proceeding further to my topic let me ask one simple question is that before this do you guys know where it was used.?

Actually this crypto currency has no foot marks, say it can’t be tracked down by anyone. I don’t think after knowing that it has no records i do have to explain that where it has been used so far. It’s nothing more than blocks which uses cpu as well as gpu powers to get extracted from the Internet. Bitcoin is a well- known Crypto Currency which has is being used by since too long, still people are earning bitcoins.

In order to get crypto currency their are many possible and known ways some are as follows:-


So as per my research so far, I have got to know that, in order to get bitcoins trading is one of the best and easiest way available online. In this method you don’t need any CPU or GPU powers, just need a perfect trading platform where you can invest your money and relax.

Mining or Cloud Mining

Here comes the second and one of the toughest thing to gain bitcoins. if you are pro in in this field than only go for it. Why i am saying this because there are two types of mining the first one is mining with machines like Antminers and the second one is cloud mining.
In cloud mining you have to purchase hashrates and as per me it is one of the best method to gain bitcoins.

Like i have said above mining with machines is hard enough because you need to be careful about every single activity of your GPU and if the difficulty is higher than the mining rate will be decrease and if it is lower than mining rate will increase.

After bitcoin got a lot of popularity and its sudden hike in price gave rise to other currencies like Etherum, Monero and many others. But no one was knowing that soon it is going to get banned completely.

In India also people have invested a lot but later on our government banned the use of it completely.Still people across the world are using it and in many countries it has been marked as their official currency.

Somehow using it is also not good because it has no records and transaction done through crypto currency can’t ever be traced.

It’s nothing more than a code which is needed to get extracted from Blockchain.



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