A Motivation

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Since early childhood i have a motivator behind me, in reality didn’t had single word with him or you can say that i am his follower. Not only me but here in India every second guy is his follower.

So today am sharing my views about the person who was a great leader, scientist and speaker. None other than our former president Lt. A P J Abdul Kalam, hearing his stories from early childhood and since than continuously a question winks on my mind is how a common boy from small town of Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu achieved this much of things that after him today also his name is being taken with so much respect.

Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen born on 15 October 1931 in a Tamil Muslim Family to Jainulabdeen and Ashiamma. It is said that Kalam’s ancestors were so wealthy and have lots of lands but after the opening of Pamban Bridge in 1914 everything got vanished.

As a result of it Kalam’s childhood wasn’t normal like others have, the great kalam sir was so close to his father since early age he always used to share his thoughts among everyone.

The simplicity which our former president was having is a sign of it because his father was a imam and believed in helping others.

Their is a famous saying by his father descried in a book written by him, maybe this also gave him a big lesson to move forward and help other, which is follows:-

As Kalam’s father was an imam of local mosque so lots n lots of people visit him and share their problems. He used to ask a lot of questions from his father and once he asked him, ‘Why do these people always came to you whenever they had any problem? And what you really do for them?’

It is mentioned in his book that the reply which he received from his father got completely printed inside his mind. Which is,

“Whenever anyone have any kind of problem they start looking for a company to get out of that situation and for the people who come to me in their sorrow i do help them in the form of prayers and offerings.

I think this reply taught him the biggest lesson of his life and which continued till his life long journey. He always helped others and that’s why only he was the person who was termed as the “People’s President”.

Throughout his entire journey the only thing which i have learnt so far is we must not run from the failures, if we will go through his entire journey Kalam Sir too have faced a lot of failures. The difficulties which he had faced to finish his educations is a lesson for all those youngsters out there reading it. Not only this but to finish his educations and help family financially worked as an newspaper seller too.

He was an Aeronautical Engineer and with his studies also he have us a lot of things which can never be forgotten. He was termed as the missile man because his contributions for DRDO & ISRO is completely remarkable. Not only this but he was also a part of first nuclear test.

Vikram Sarabhai any many other scientist were with him at DRDO and whenever it is asked about Kalam Sir nature, they just had one answer is “Calmness”.

This calmness was only the reason which made him as one of the most loving president. In 2002 he was elected as the President of India. It is said that when he came to Presiden’t House for the first time only a briefcase and few books were with him. The same continued till his last day of president journey and returned with those things only.

Their are many other stories too which describe how calm nature Kalam Sir was having, but like every good things disappears he too got disappeared. The Great Leader Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen also disappeared on 27 July 2015, his entire life he have given his most of the time to people and at the time when he got cardiac arrest than also delivering a lecture at the Indian Institute of Management, Shillong.

Their is a tale 3 hours before his disappearance which is,

As always he was surrounded with guards and in that their was a guard who was standing inside a police gypsy for his security, when kalam sir noticed he immediately went to him and thanked by saying that ” you have been standing from last 3 hours now you can have seat”.

I don’t know what it was but getting another person with such nature is next to impossible, personally i have learned a lot of things from him and still always took him as a motivation. His words and the way he struggled lifetime is always a lesson for everyone who have fears of failures.

Personally i do like to thank you and want to say that you contributions and lessons which you gave to us can never be forgotten. I don’t have words to describe completely about you and maybe in decades too we will not have any words to thank you for your contributions.

Just wanted to say that still we miss uh a lot. . !!

Thanks A Lot. . . 🙂


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