Divya Kumbh 2019

I think u might all know about the biggest upcoming event of India, the event is said to be marked as the best devotional events ever occurred. So, why am saying this only because a historical event of Indian citizens is going to start from 15th January 2019 to 4th of March 2019.

Here in this article i am not gonna to bore you with the beliefs and facts about Kumbh Mela. 

Only few days for Kumbh Mela 2019 to start and as it is going to take place in Prayagraj(formerly Allahabad) is all set to welcome guests as well as saints. As everyone knows that Prayagraj is a city of saints, so the works and decorations done by UP Government is completely outstanding. I can say that if you want to see the mixture of cultures, traditions than do visit Prayagraj once in kumbh.

Me being from Prayagraj is completely known to the conditions which were before here and which are now, in a word i can say that its complete modification of a city.

The city is decorated with flowers, different types of flower pots are to be kept on the sides of roads to welcome guest. More than 3 crores flower pots are being kept on the sides of roads, the lighting works done worth rupees crores gives the feel of heaven.

Actually i am amazed with the speed of work because in just 6 months our CM has given 3 over bridges across the city which is a shocking for all the citizens. The over bridges are for the guests who are coming from outside of Allahabad because people from across the world are coming to be a part of this event.

Now if i have to say about the invitations, so more than 3000 Europeans are being invited and since start Prayagraj is a point of attraction for the outsiders, so separate tent city is built for them.

Tent city in that area has been built with 5 star hotel facilities, if you are looking for a luxury stay than tent city is a place for you. The kumbh also takes place in Haridwar, Ujjain and Nashik but the facilities over here has never been before anywhere.

The Akharas from across the India are being invited and seriously i am in love with the devotional culture, seen golden baba, 5g baba and many others. Even there are lot many other saints with so much of knowledge and they are already here before the event.

The best thing shown in this event is our Indian culture which is being displayed across the city in the forms of statue, scenery and many others, not only this but at every single point during the complete event an officer has been appointed to guide people who are coming from long distance.

For the first time the famous Fort of Akbar is being opened up public and the very famous tree akshayvat is also being opened up for public, before this only few parts were open but now its also a tourist spot, the mumtaz dwar is also opened up for this event.

VIP culture which i don’t like lil bit is also completely finished as per Allahabad High Court, in this kumbh mela everyone is equal. More than 100 buses are getting started named as shuttle buses just to fulfill the transport facility during Kumbh.

At last, just want to say that every citizen over here has given their best to show our real culture and literally their are lot more things to see, join us and be a part of such historical event.



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