Over the air phone charging

Today, smartphone’s have got a permanent place in everyone’s life from a child to a old men you will get to see the users of it. All because of smartphone’s today we don’t need to wait in long ques to transfer money or to pay our bills.

Before the arrival of smartphone’s everything was an impossible task but soon after the launch it gave a new definitions of cell phones. Right, by sitting at home today with just a click your every single work related to whatever can be done.

But as it have lots and lots of useful features, so the power consumption is also needed and usually battery drains faster, this has been a problem for all the users since the launch of smartphone in our lives. And charging them is a hard stuff because it needs usually 3 to 4 hours to get completely recharged once drained, a lot of fast charging devices have been introduced but still the convenience which people are looking for is unavailable.

Isn’t it cool that your phone, smart wrist watches and headphones gets recharged through waves? Yes, it’s going to be possible due to the efforts done by Energous, you might all know about Wattup the first ever air charging device which can charge your hearing devices from a distance of 15 meters.

CEO of Energous Steve Rizzone, told to a given interview that sooner this technology will be available for all your devices. The use of cord chargers is over now and sooner your every device will get recharged on the go with the help of receivers and transmitters.


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