Media: Is it good for the society

Hello everyone,

Firstly i would like to thank everyone for visiting and reading my blogs getting a very good response. Now without taking a lot of time lets dip into the topic which is Media.

I am not writing because i have some sort of jealousy or anything with them no, the problem is that people trust on them and expect to get the reality about whatever they need.

What i have seen in few many days is that during election times all the forms of media start posting either in favor of one political or in favor of a particular person. In 2014 i have seen many news channels as well as print media posting in favor of a party and now when i have been going through the website of a news channel last night, find out posting the same guy against the same political party.

I am not going with anyone but here i just want to say that media is a very essential part of our society and only due to it we get to know the things happening around us.

I have a question waving through my mind since last many days or say years, is that if our reporters and journalist will show us the wrong facts, how can we decide anything?

Why all the reporters don’t have same wordings on issues related to corruption and other major activities.?


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