Internet 2

As i have said in my last article that still internet is an unsolved mystery and i don’t know or even expect to be solved because its way deeper than you think.

Surface Web

The first layer of internet or say it the start of Internet which is accessible to everyone as per their needs.

Google, Facebook and many other websites which we use regularly is just on surface and can’t be hidden anywhere because the pages and links are indexed by Google.

Everything whatever we do is getting tapped or say it’s getting recorded in an online world.

The websites cookies, caches are all the records what we do online.

Now let’s move on to the second one:-

Deep web(Dark Web)

As i have said in my last blog that its something which can’t be accessed by using Google or any other popular search engine.

It’s something which has been kept away so that the people who are on those pages can’t give us any harm. Yes they are the people who are criminals, smugglers, hitmans and a lot of other things thing too.

Besides, all this on dark web there are more other things too and somehow its confidential.

Dark web can’t be completely explored because few pages over here is based on invites.

If you really need to enter inside it than you might be having an invite link from the one who’s already a member.

Mariana’s Web

The deepest part of Internet and still unsolved. Heard a lot of stories related to it that it is so confidential and can only be accessed using “Quantum Computers”.

As per the beliefs it is said that Alien Mystery and their existence can only be solved using Mariana’s Web. A lot people also say that its home to Illuminati secret society.

It is believed that many great leader have the access to them and to access it, either you have to be a member of that secret society or using quantum computer.

Mariana’s web is the deepest part of Internet and anyone will have a wish to explore it for once in their life.

At last just want to conclude that Internet is the most helpful thing but as it is also two faced, so its upto to us on the usage.


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