Yo! Guys

I am back with my new blog the topic of today is bit different from all my other blogs and its bit common too in everyone’s life today.

So, we are going to discuss some facts related to Internet today.

Internet nowadays is very common and users of every age group loves to access it not because its time consuming but also for their professional works, social media and many other stuffs.

But have you ever thought that on this Internet only, there are still a lot of things which are hidden to normal people.

It’s not inaccessible but due to the fact that it have a lot of things which maybe harmful for the visitors, it has not been indexed by Google or any other popular search engine.

The internet which we use in our daily life is called as surface web and will only show the results which are so very popular but still there are some pages which has not been indexed by google and that is Dark Web.

Dark web

The word dark web is itself enough to describe about the place but still if you don’t have info related to it than let me clarify.

Dark web is a place on Internet which cannot be accessed using Google. It requires an special software installed in your computer so that the ip will get masked and you will be redirected to Dark web.

The stuffs which you are gonna to get over there will make you go mad within a second. Because there am damn sure that you’re going to anonymous things only.

You will be thinking that is it possible? Yes it is and its going on since many years.

There are a lot of hackers too so accessing it might your computer hacked because man they’re someone who can do anything.

Not only dark web exists but there are many deeper versions of it available and the deepest one is marian’s web.

Mariana’s web is like a mystery to everyone because its an end of Internet world, it is said that you can’t access mariana’s web without quantum computer.

All in all Internet is somehow good and bad too and if you want to know more about mariana’s web saty tuned for my next article on this. 😊😊


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