2019 Indian Generel Election

Hello Everyone,

2019 has already started and one month has already passed, now if we see something bigger coming this year is only and only 2019 Elections.

In 2014, Shri Narendra Damador Das Modi won the elections and appointed as the new Prime Minister of India.

2014 elections have been a point of excitement for everyone because since the day our pm has been choosen as the new face for the (Bhartiya Janta Party) all other political parties started spreading chaos against him.

Now if we talk about the current situation or someone’s favourite, so its something which is completely confusing because everyone having different views for the parties.

According to people our current pm didn’t worked for our wellness. So for them i just have a question that in just 5 years how can you judge?

And in that some are also their who have views in favour of our current pm. The majority is also getting formed by other political parties.

If personally i have to predict or say something in favour or against the elections, i can say that our pm has done some good works for the betterment of our society.

He has also launched various schemes as well as other things too for the people who doesn’t have the things before.

Today, only due to him the LPG is in every house no matter whether its a village or town.

One of the best thing which i have seen in last 5 years is that our current pm has focused on IT & Development.

Increase in IT & Development

As i have stated above that after our current pm people got attracted towards technology in huge numbers. So this things is the biggest milestone achieved by him so far, not only it has given an strong place to us in India but also globally in many countries.

Now we do also have the biggest youtubers as well as the developers too.

Not just this but today at any place if something worse is going on or you are facing anything wrong, within a minute you can share it with millions of people with a video or with anything we choose.

Before this we weren’t aware of it but as i have said that our P.M is focusing a lot on IT.

So, today social media has also become a place of justice for everyone.

Users of android phones as well as iOS are now visible everywhere. Freelancing which was not known to anyone before him has become a place to earn for living.

Their are lot more other things too which has to be kept in mind because its clearly visible, many other achievements are also with him but adding them will make it lengthy so in next article will be adding other things too.

All in all i just want to say that as per my point of view i can say that we can never have a pm like we have, at least he have the courage to speak in front of millions or billions of people with a bang and a big salute for it.


Stay tuned for the next blog.


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