Social Media


I am back with my new blog after so long, the topic which i am going to elaborate today is completley different and very common among each of us.

So without taking a lot of time let’s dip into our topic. Social media today it has became a people’s voice and place to many other things.

There are various platforms of social media and the one which is actively used by 90% of total population is Facebook.

Lets say that facebook has given a rise to social media before this no one was aware of it.

Today facebook have millions of users and people are sharing stuff, posting videos and doing various things at just right by sitting at home.

Social media impact on our life has been a lot and today it has also become a voice of common people.

Not only it is helping in common issues but its really very useful for us to be in touch with our loved ones without being with them.

Suppose if someone is living far away from you and had a wish to see you but unable to only because he or she is far.

But after the arrival of social media in our lives everything has changed. We don’t have to write letter’s in order to have words with our loved ones who are living far away from us.

As in my every article of comparison i have discussed always about the two sides of a particular thing so here too, we don’t have to be shocked because if there’s a good side am damn sure there’s a bad too.

So over here many people are gathered only to perform those things at a global level because here they will be getting the audience globally.

All in all if we compare both the negative as well as positive sides, we will get to know that it has a lot of good things with bad too the main thing which matter is how we utilise it.



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