Over the air phone charging

Today, smartphone’s have got a permanent place in everyone’s life from a child to a old men you will get to see the users of it. All because of smartphone’s today we don’t need to wait in long ques to transfer money or to pay our bills. Before the arrival of smartphone’s everything was an impossible task but soon after the launch it gave a new definitions of cell phones. Right, by sitting at home today with just a click your every single work related to whatever can be done. But as it have lots and lots of useful features, … Continue reading Over the air phone charging

Myth or Truth Soccer Players Have Rapid Thinking

A study drove by Swedish analysts recommends that first class soccer players beat players in lower divisions in tests of certain intellectual capacities, and both gatherings bested the overall population. The outcomes were distributed as of late in the diary PLoS ONE.In particular, the study concentrated on official capacity, which is included in working memory. At whatever point you deliver a memory that you have to comprehend an undertaking, for example, make a telephone call or tie your shoe that is working memory in real life. Official capacity is additionally required in imagination, multi-tasking and hindrance.”The effective player should continually … Continue reading Myth or Truth Soccer Players Have Rapid Thinking

Soccer a real time confidence builder

Achievement does not create certainty or self-regard. Certainty and self-regard creates manage, deep rooted victory. It is not the different way. Again and again,we attempt to produce circumstances that children will have achievement keeping in mind the end goal to fabricate their certainty and self-regard. Despite the fact that in the short term, yes, a kid will like what coincidentally willed, that certainty last? Is it the kind of certainty that will remain whenever the tyke comes up short? On the other hand is it more like a major sparkly air pocket that is awesome for a minute in any … Continue reading Soccer a real time confidence builder

Divya Kumbh 2019

I think u might all know about the biggest upcoming event of India, the event is said to be marked as the best devotional events ever occurred. So, why am saying this only because a historical event of Indian citizens is going to start from 15th January 2019 to 4th of March 2019. Here in this article i am not gonna to bore you with the beliefs and facts about Kumbh Mela.  Only few days for Kumbh Mela 2019 to start and as it is going to take place in Prayagraj(formerly Allahabad) is all set to welcome guests as well as saints. As everyone … Continue reading Divya Kumbh 2019

Demonetization Impacts

Hello everyone, I hope you are having amazing day, as like always back with my new blog but the topic of today is bit different from all other blogs. Yep, it’s bit economical and here am not going to show stats, just my view on the biggest change occurred last year in the month of November. Demonetization was the biggest economical change in India as per me, on November 8 2016 according to it the old currencies of 500 and 1000 has been banned. It came as a surprise for every Indians, but right after 2 years and few days, today … Continue reading Demonetization Impacts

A Motivation

Since early childhood i have a motivator behind me, in reality didn’t had single word with him or you can say that i am his follower. Not only me but here in India every second guy is his follower. So today am sharing my views about the person who was a great leader, scientist and speaker. None other than our former president Lt. A P J Abdul Kalam, hearing his stories from early childhood and since than continuously a question winks on my mind is how a common boy from small town of Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu achieved this much of … Continue reading A Motivation


Am back with my new blog, today’s topic is bit different something which was so popular among every individual or say people were crazy for them. At first i wasn’t also knowing that much about it but later on learned a lot of things related to Crypto Currency from my research before writing this blog. Okie! Before proceeding further to my topic let me ask one simple question is that before this do you guys know where it was used.? Actually this crypto currency has no foot marks, say it can’t be tracked down by anyone. I don’t think after … Continue reading Cryptocurrency