2019 Indian Generel Election

Hello Everyone, 2019 has already started and one month has already passed, now if we see something bigger coming this year is only and only 2019 Elections. In 2014, Shri Narendra Damador Das Modi won the elections and appointed as the new Prime Minister of India. 2014 elections have been a point of excitement for everyone because since the day our pm has been choosen as the new face for the (Bhartiya Janta Party) all other political parties started spreading chaos against him. Now if we talk about the current situation or someone’s favourite, so its something which is completely … Continue reading 2019 Indian Generel Election

Social Media

Hello, I am back with my new blog after so long, the topic which i am going to elaborate today is completley different and very common among each of us. So without taking a lot of time let’s dip into our topic. Social media today it has became a people’s voice and place to many other things. There are various platforms of social media and the one which is actively used by 90% of total population is Facebook. Lets say that facebook has given a rise to social media before this no one was aware of it. Today facebook have … Continue reading Social Media


Yo! Guys I am back with my new blog the topic of today is bit different from all my other blogs and its bit common too in everyone’s life today. So, we are going to discuss some facts related to Internet today. Internet nowadays is very common and users of every age group loves to access it not because its time consuming but also for their professional works, social media and many other stuffs. But have you ever thought that on this Internet only, there are still a lot of things which are hidden to normal people. It’s not inaccessible … Continue reading Internet

Media: Is it good for the society

Hello everyone, Firstly i would like to thank everyone for visiting and reading my blogs getting a very good response. Now without taking a lot of time lets dip into the topic which is Media. I am not writing because i have some sort of jealousy or anything with them no, the problem is that people trust on them and expect to get the reality about whatever they need. What i have seen in few many days is that during election times all the forms of media start posting either in favor of one political or in favor of a … Continue reading Media: Is it good for the society

Key Player For Pochettino’s Spurs

An important moment in Tottenham’s 3-0 victory over Manchester United on Sunday happened when Louis van Gaal confusingly brought Timothy Fosu-Mensah off for Italian Matteo Darmian. The adolescent shield, undoubtedly, had a crash prior his 68th moment withdrawal, yet Van Gaal’s option to displace the guard viably taken a toll United a positive report. Fosu-Mensah tucked into frame a back-three focusing on that he was regularly tried by the ravaging Danny Rose; the full-back controlled the Spurs man’s unfriendly danger easily. Fosu-Mensah was by a big margin United’s great-evaluated team player with a WhoScored scoring of 7.85, with five handles, … Continue reading Key Player For Pochettino’s Spurs


Rugby FootballRugby football is a kind of football founded at Rugby School in Rugby,Warwickshire, one of numerous forms of football game played at Englishgovernment sponsored schools in the nineteenth century. The two primary types of rugby will be rugby union and rugby alliance. Despite of the fact that rugby team initially used rugby union policies, they are presently fully isolate games. Forms Taking post the 1895 breakup in rugby football, the two forms rugby union and rugby association contrasted in organization as it were. Previously long the principles of rugby union were changed, considering about two particularly diverse kinds of … Continue reading Rugby

Over the air phone charging

Today, smartphone’s have got a permanent place in everyone’s life from a child to a old men you will get to see the users of it. All because of smartphone’s today we don’t need to wait in long ques to transfer money or to pay our bills. Before the arrival of smartphone’s everything was an impossible task but soon after the launch it gave a new definitions of cell phones. Right, by sitting at home today with just a click your every single work related to whatever can be done. But as it have lots and lots of useful features, … Continue reading Over the air phone charging